Van Gogh’s Starter Kit


Looking to maximize your cannabis growth at home? Look no further than Van Gogh’s cannabis fertilizer and nutrition starter kit, specially composed for the home grower.

With everything you need for strong, big, and high-yielding plants, our starter kit guarantees the best results. Suitable for up to 13 plants, it’s available for both soil and hydroponics/cocos.

Don’t settle for lackluster growth – get the complete cannabis fertilizer and nutrition starter kit today and watch your plants thrive!

– This package includes 12 × 100 milliliter bottles of specialized nutrients designed specifically for cannabis, providing everything you require for strong, healthy, and high-yielding plants.

– With enough nutrients for up to 13 cannabis plants, our starter kit offers unbeatable value and convenience.

– Our complete cannabis nutrient starter kit is easy to use and suitable for growers of all levels, from beginners to experts.


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