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Van Gogh’s Soil Grow A-B



Master Soil Grow A + B by Van Goghs is a top-tier fertilizer designed to help you cultivate your plants to perfection.

Produced in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, this complete fertilizer contains all the necessary main and trace elements required for optimal growth when growing on soil, thanks to Van Gogh’s secret mix of NPK compounds. For hydroponic and cocos use, try Master Hydro/Coco Grow A + B.

Van Gogh’s skilled biochemist has carefully crafted this premium fertilizer using only the finest ingredients and has conducted rigorous testing and research to offer one of the best cannabis fertilizers in the world.

-Guarantee explosive growth for your plants and unlock their full potential!

-Enjoy unparalleled versatility with a fertilizer that works with any cannabis strain and irrigation system.

-Effortlessly enhance your plants’ health and productivity.

-Explore a revolutionary solution specifically designed for hydro and coco cultivation that guarantees stunning results.


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