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Van Gogh’s Master Radical Enzymes



Van Gogh’s Radical Enzymes, an all-natural, organic solution designed specifically to convert dead plant residues into usable nutrients.

With Radical Enzymes, you’ll also enjoy enhanced nutrient uptake thanks to its ability to convert base nutrients into even more bio-available forms that your plants can easily assimilate.

Plus, its unique blend of enzymes promotes healthy root growth, improves soil structure, and increases water retention for optimal growing conditions.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Radical Enzymes also increases the cationic exchange of trace elements and minerals, boosting your plants’ resistance to fungi and stressful situations.

And because it’s all-natural and organic, you can rest easy knowing that you’re providing your cannabis plants with the very best.

-Converts dead plant residues into nutrients

-Stimulates root growth and improves soil structure

-Increases the cationic exchange of minerals and trace elements

-Increases resistance to stress situations and fungi

-Suitable for cultivation on hydroponics, coconut, and soil

-Suitable for any irrigation system


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