Van Gogh’s Master Miracle Roots

170.00 ฿15,690.00 ฿



Van Gogh’s Miracle Roots Enhancer, the most potent root stimulator on the market! This flagship product is guaranteed to give your plants explosive root growth, eradicate brown root, prevents root diseases, and create the ideal root environment in any substrate.

Made from natural plant hormones and trace elements, this product has been formulated by Van Gogh’s Bioscientist specifically for young plants and cuttings.

Investing in the health of your roots is the key to achieving strong and dense plants. With Miracle Roots, you can ensure that your roots are producing healthy and white root hairs, which will ultimately increase nutrient uptake.

Our premium-grade components are entirely absorbed, leaving no residue behind, so you can trust that your cannabis plants are getting only the best.

-Increases and stimulates the growth of cuttings and young plants

-Boost root development

-Stimulates cell division and cell elongation

-Enhanced the transport and uptake of nutrients

-Promotes the internal and external quality of your plant

-Restores the affected plant during the growth phase

-Suitable for any cannabis strain and irrigation system


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